Musical Thrones


THRONES: A Musical Parody

5 Seasons, 5 Characters, 1 Dragon, 90 minutes.

Fans of the most talked about show on television get their fantasy fix, live on stage with the hilarious send-up Thrones: A Musical Parody.

Join your most beloved and hated characters like Daenerys and her dragons, Tyrion, Joffrey and all the jolly members of the Lannister and Stark families brought to life as we journey through all 5 seasons of Game of Thrones. In this love letter to fans that provides all the violence, power struggles, manipulation and sex that you expect, we will transport you to King’s Landing and beyond, live and on stage.

The show was composed and written by Jon and Al Kaplan.

A Musical of Thrones is bound to have you giggling amid your upcoming Season 7 anxieties.” – This is Radelaide